Recycled Concrete Aggregate ……A New Life for Waste Concrete

Still today, concrete is the most commonly used material in new construction.  Concrete has been used as a building material even before the Romans built the Pantheon in Rome.  Indeed, a highly successful building material then and today.

Historically, when concrete structures, roads, bridges, airport runways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters were considered to be beyond their useful life, they were dismantled or demolished and transported to a landfill.  Today, while some concrete waste invariably makes its way to landfills, two converging forces have paved the way for successfully recycling waste concrete:  landfill space disappearing at an alarming rate and the realization that Recycled Concrete Aggregate is widely accepted as a replacement for natural aggregates.  Recycled Concrete Aggregate, when properly sized and graded, have proven to be a substantial resource for construction managers across many disciplines.  Depending upon the application, Recycled Concrete Aggregate will outperform natural aggregates, especially when used in road base construction

Pulling up Highway concrete to be used as recycled concrete aggregate

Take, for instance, this recent project where three concrete highway ramps were replaced.  The old concrete pavement was saw-cut into manageable slabs and loaded onto our dump trucks. The slabs were then transported to one of our four concrete recycling yards and processed to reduce their size and remove any reinforcing steel.

Hauling concrete slabs to one of our recycled concrete aggregate yards

Our crushing and screening machines do the rest, turning the old, waste concrete into high quality recycled concrete aggregates.  100% of the concrete waste from the ramp project was transformed into various aggregate grades.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate Operation

Count on RJ Smith Materials to provide you with high quality Recycled Concrete Aggregate and outstanding customer service.  Wherever you use stone from a quarry, plan to use Recycled Concrete Aggregates.

Road Base

Construction Entrances

Back Fill

Soil Stabilization

Pipe Bedding


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