RJ Smith Rolls into 2016 with world class Snow Removal Safety Training


Safety Road Testing

Road testing ensures our drivers can operate the truck effectively

RJ Smith is plowing into 2016 with our continued emphasis on Snow Removal Safety. In collaboration with VDOT, our experienced team of drivers are prepared more than ever to effectively remove snow safely. Through a series of classroom and snow truck specific training, the RJ Smith Snow Team is ready to keep the Virginia Interstate System clean and safe.

Our safety program includes :

  • An extensive orientation process: Potential drivers fill out paperwork which is evaluated. We ensure CDL’s and Medical cards are up to date, and drivers have qualified driving records
  • Classroom training: This 2 hour class teaches drivers everything they need to know to safely remove snow off the roads .. Our knowledgeable staff along is available to answer any questions or concerns they may have !
  • Road testing : One on one training with our experienced snow removal team members allow drivers to familiarize themselves with the trucks they will be operating. This also allows our team members to answer anymore questions the drivers may have and evaluate if further training is necessary.
  • Ride-along: Gives drivers the opportunity to ride with one of our experienced team members during a storm so they can become more aware of the potential hazards they may face while pushing snow ! We encourage all drivers to be safety conscious at all times!!!

RJ Smith realizes that hazardous weather is very dangerous for everyone.  We urge everyone, when there is a threat of snow or ice,  to stay at home whenever possible! Nothing is more important to us then the safety of our employees and the community!

If you are interested in becoming part of this world class team click on the snow truck picture above!

safety classes

Classroom training reassures us that our drivers are ready to safely remove snow !